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Kurt Wittin Shares Top Boating Destinations in Canada

Avid traveler and outdoorsman, Kurt Wittin, recommends scenic boating destinations in Canada.

Canada might be known best for its maple syrup, beautiful landscapes, and ice hockey teams. But it’s also an amazing destination for boating. Soft summer breezes and calm lakes will make you want to extend your stay indefinitely. Kurt Wittin shares the best boating destinations to visit in Canada with your family and friends.

1. Muskoka Lakes

According to Kurt Wittin, Muskoka Lakes was named as the number one place to live in the summer by National Geographic Traveler Magazine. This location in Ontario is ideal for boaters who don’t like to sit in one place. Kurt Wittin explains that boaters can go from the Muskoka Lakes to the Historic Trent Severn Waterway while traveling 386kms through 44 different locks. If small towns and cottages sound like heaven to you, Muskoka Lakes is the place to go!

2. Harrison Lake

If you want to stay close to the vibrant city life of Vancouver, Kurt Wittin recommends boating at Harrison Lake. This location is also an excellent place to catch the oldest fish in the world… white sturgeon! The beautiful Harrison Lake is also home to irresistible hot springs.

3. Kenora

Enjoy the hidden gem Kenora, a gorgeous Lake of the Woods area near Northern Ontario. Kurt Wittin notes that Kenora is known as a premier boating destination for its natural landscapes and quiet surroundings. Paddlers also enjoy visiting Kenora because of the calm waters.

4. Kluane Lake

The Kluane National Park and Reserve brings visitors from around the world to see its breathtaking panoramic views. According to Kurt Wittin, Kluane Lake is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which means it will be protected forever for future generations to enjoy. While Kluane Lake is one of the most incredible landscapes on the planet, it is also one that is frozen for more than half of the year.

Kurt Wittin recommends planning your trip wisely in the warmest months so that you can adventure freely and comfortably. Kluane Lake, also known as “Trophy Lake” is a hot destination for avid fishermen looking to catch big. Come prepared for the true wilderness when you visit this destination!

5. The Rideau Canal & Waterway

Another Ontario water destination made the list – The Rideau Canal and Waterway. Kurt Wittin explains that boaters can experience 45 locks and over 202 kms at Ontario’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sail on the water from the Canadian Shield to Parliament Hill, soaking up the area’s historic sites. According to Kurt Wittin, this destination is ideal for people who love learning about history.

Whether you enjoy peace and quiet or a little more civilization, there is a Canadian boating destination for you! Kurt Wittin recommends reaching out to a travel advisor for more specific recommendations according to your needs.

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